Friday, August 16, 2013

bad ass ladies of country, pt 2

MISS LORETTA LYNN aka the coolest lady around.
This really should have been the first post, because without her all the other ladies might not even exist. She's known as the "First Lady of Country Music" and is amazing, plus she writes all her songs which is amazing (and kind of a rarity for lady country singers).  And man what a life, everyone should watch the movie Coal Miner's Daughter (spoiler: she had 3 kids by age 19).

This song is called Fist City that's all you need to know-

One of my favorites, love how she smiles while singing all these songs-

Loretta laying down the law-

A song about birth control! This got banned by a bunch of radio stations when it came out-

(This slideshow is pretty lol but I couldn't find a live version)

PS When I was in Alabama 3 years ago I "hated country music" (my words) but for some reason I liked this song...think it was the first country song I ever downloaded-

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