Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ways to Wear (the same) Wig

I got this bad boy something like 3 years ago and it has yet to fail me. Party Central on San Pablo rocks all the time, so of course they would have a Jesus Wig/Beard combo (sans ring of thorn, bummer). This wig is not just a convincing Jesus Christo nor Hagrid from HP but worn correctly can be a device for many alias.

The Folk Singer: Inspired by the opening band at Bon Iver. All those dudes had cray cray hair/beard combos. FULL BEARD = FULL FUN.

The Nappy-Roots: Just looked like i spilled grease in my hair and took a nap.

The Mullet: Always and forever a classic. I particularly enjoyed this one because I remembered what it was like to have long hair.


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