Saturday, June 5, 2010

some weird things

i've made recently. all a bit iffy.

got this bread 'n butter pickle recipe from Laura's copy of BUST magazine.

inside was a rad step-by-step guide for summer picnics which included recipes for blackberry jam on bbq skewers, my favorite adult drink Pimm's Lemonade, and these pickled guys.

"jacked up banana bread" from "smittenkitchen" .com

both titles kind of make me cringe.
the recipe doesn't really make that much but i did happen to eat half of it in one sitting.

on a non-food related note, i picked up these mom jeans from Slash after . i have a perfect pair of pants in my mind and i think i was a bit delusional when choosing these. i think it was the mixture of being underground with two intimidating women eating burritos.

i don't know if i should try to take them apart and taper them myself or save the grief and just cut them into shorts. we'll see...

i'll probably regret putting a picture of my crotch on the internet. w/e

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