Monday, February 17, 2014

cleaning up

More supercool screenshots on my computer, I'm like a hoarder of dumb images.
Trying to edit my life and that includes my desktop and my Chrome bookmarks!

Okay well this I still like.

Is it weird that I screenshot tweets and then forget about them on my desktop for months?

Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas as Dirty Randy and Rafi looking real good.

Cute Kelsey at Sundance looking cute.

Still really want to see this movie, I bet it's awesome.

It's definitely weird to screenshot email subject lines but this was at like 3 am so who cares.

Birthday girl Anna! From Cala's instagram.
Yes I look at my friend's instagrams on my computer.

So many neighborhoods in SF! Need to explore more.

The best shirt I've ever seen, Mae Whitman is so cool

lol guess I thought there would be a lot of cat drawing in my future.
(I was wrong)

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