Friday, November 1, 2013

bbc live lounge covers

Kings of Leon covering Robyn--
(Steffi called this buttrock....maybe)

Ben Howard covering Ellie Goulding--
(His covers are always great)

Taylor Swift covering Mumford & Sons--
(I'm a big M&S hater but I like this version, probably cos I don't feel like my ears are
 getting attacked by a bajillion banjos)

James Blunt covering Peter Bjorn & John--
(I don't know if this is necessarily one of the best but guys, remember James Blunt?? 
I legit loved his first album, like I bought it in 2004 and read the liner notes and sang 
along to all the songs. Look how happy he is here!)

Adele covering Cheryl Cole--
(She is the opposite of a snob and I love her)

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